October is Occupational Therapy Month!


What is Occupational Therapy? It is a health profession that helps people of all ages overcome challenges in their everyday lives so they can do more and live better! OT’s work with you to develop new skills, regain your skills, maintain function, so you can do as much as you can safely in your home, work and social life.

OT’s take a variety of approached to meet your needs, including assessing areas of difficulty, creating intervention programs, adapting and introducing new ways to do things, modifying or changing your environment with accessibly designs and ergonomic solutions, prescribe assistive devises, consult with families and connect you to community supports services and resources.

An OT can help you manage at home, success at school, adapt at work, participate in the community, and recover in hospital or your home.

Contact Optimize OT for your Occupational Therapy needs. For more information on Occupational Therapy, visit the Manitoba Society of Occupational Therapists at www.MSOT.mb.ca